On Sunday, April 7th, the Layups 4 Life team hosted their second annual ‘Cyclegiving Spin Class’ at CycleBar in Hoboken, New Jersey. Close to 20 participants showed up for a one hour class hosted by ‘Master Instructor’ Tay. Participants in the class received free L4L custom water bottles to keep them hydrated for the intense workout put together by the CycleBar master instructor. Close to $300 were raised from the event, helping L4L’s 2019 fundraising efforts and contributing to their overall goal of raising $25,000 for the year.

Layups 4 Life, a 501(c)(3)‚ non-profit organization has been in operation since 2014 and to date has raised close to $100,000. If they achieve their 2019 goal of raising $25,000, they will not only hit this goal but surpass it. If you would like to host an event and support Layups 4 Life’s fundraising efforts please reach out to Dan Exter at [email protected]. To stay up to date with Layups 4 Life news and updates, you can follow them across social media on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, at @layups4life.

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