In this month’s ‘Participant Spotlight’ we sat down with Josh Ginsberg. Josh is a  2x participant in our annual charity basketball tournament and his team,  ‘The Exterminators’  hail from Boston, MA. We look forward to seeing Josh and his team again in 2017! Read his story on WHY Layups 4 Life is important to him and WHO he plays 4!


Layups 4 Life (L4L): How has cancer affected your life directly?

Josh Ginsberg (JG): Cancer has already had a pretty significant impact on my life. About 10 years ago my mom was diagnosed with cancer. After fighting through rounds of outpatient chemo for over a year, she went into remission. We were all fortunate with how things turned out and assumed that was the end for her. However, about three years ago, cancer came back in a hard way. Over the span of two months, both my mom and my good friend Dan (Exter)were diagnosed with AML and ALL respectively. For those that don’t know, both types are very serious versions of Leukemia and they require a successful stem cell transplant in order to overcome. With the help of two incredible organizations, Dana Farber in Boston and Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York, I can proudly say that three years later both my mom and Dan are in remission.

L4L: Who do you play 4?

JG: I play for my mom, Barbra Ginsberg. She is an absolute warrior. After battling hard through complications and tough times to beat cancer twice, she is my biggest inspiration. I also play for Dan and the incredible impact he is making in the community and for all of those that have not been as fortune in their fight.

L4L: Describe ways outside of Layups 4 Life in which you haven given back to the cancer community.

JG: Each year I donate to various related charities and I have participated in ‘Cycle for Survival’ over the last few years as well. I plan to continue contributing in whatever ways I can.

L4L: Why is it important to you to raise awareness in the fight against cancer?

JG: It needs to be done. I believe that most people aren’t aware of the impact it can and will have until it personally touches their life. The power of people coming together to fight is incredible and I hope that with additional support, cancer treatment innovation continues and all of those battling have the access to the same types of solutions my mom and Dan were so fortunate to have.

L4L: Ten years from now, where do you hope to see advancements in cancer research?

JG: I hope ten years from now, treatment innovation has evolved so that all those effected have reasonable and affordable options. The true dream would be to find a way to seamlessly cure as many people as possible.

L4L: In your opinion how has Layups 4 Life helped the cancer community?

JG: I think L4L has already done incredible things in only its infancy. Raising over $20,000 from two events is quite the feat. Seeing the community of New Jersey come together for such a great cause has been a wonderful thing and I believe that the movement will continue to grow.

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