A big initiative that we have implemented at Layups 4 Life is the opportunity for YOU to create a fundraising page and collect donations in helping us with our overall fundraising efforts! See the steps below to get your team fundraising page up and running! Since 2015, we have raised over $50,000 but we know we can raise even more with your help!

How to get started:
– Go to www.layups4life.org
– Click Donate in our top menu bar
– Click the blue button that says ‘Join Us & Fundraise’
– Since we are starting a new page, you can select the button that says ‘Start Now’ (located under New Champion)
– Enter the password: layups4life1523 (all lower case)

– Begin to fill out your team page: enter your personal fundraising goal (optional) and set the bar with a donation of your own! Once completed, Select ‘Next Step’
– Agree to the terms of the waiver by checking the box and select ‘Next Step’
– Confirm your credentials and select ‘Complete Registration’

– Upon completion you will see a recap of your registration- Click the blue button above that reads ‘Visit your Control Center’
– You will see four tabs: Home, Email, Fundraising and Edit Personal Page. Select: EDIT PERSONAL PAGE
– Now you can customize the information on your personal page! Preview your page and look for the link to your page at the top of the screen. This will be the link that you can pass along to friends, family, etc. that will go directly to your fundraising page. Each team member uses this link!
**You can even edit the link to your fundraising page! Put your team name in the URL so people know that they are supporting your team!

If you have any questions do not hesitate to email us at [email protected]

**Feel free to copy and paste the context below into an email to send out to your family and friends asking for their support and generosity.**

[Dear Family and Friends,]

I am taking the courts in the fight against cancer and I need your help to meet my fundraising goal. Layups 4 Life is a non-profit organization that raises vital funds for cancer research and clinical trials at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. In just three years of operation, Layups 4 Life has raised over $50,000!

Since inception, Layups 4 Life has made contributions to the leukemia, pediatric cancer and bone marrow research departments within MSKCC. While advancements in cancer research improve each year, there are still countless treatments to be founded and cures to be discovered. That’s why I need your help; patients deserve to be provided a plan of action when diagnosed. It is my hope that Layups 4 Life will continue to make an impact and become a household name in the fight against cancer.

As we all cannot first hand make these changes, we can assist doctors & researchers with the resources they need to battle these diseases. Please visit my fundraising page to make a donation and support me and this great cause.

Your support is greatly appreciated! Click here to donate! (insert team page link)
To learn more about Layups 4 Life please visit www.layups4life.org

Together we can fight cancer ‘One Layup at a Time.’

Thank you!

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