Layups 4 Life’s 4th Annual 3v3 Charity Basketball Tournament Rules & Structure
Saturday April 28th, 2018
Parsippany PAL Youth Center
Check-In is at 10am! Please bring your ticket and valid ID

  • If anyone gets in any kind of altercation, your team will be immediately disqualified, you will be asked to leave and if need be, the authorities will be called. REMEMBER, we are playing for CHARITY, NOT for a roster spot on the Olympic team OR a cash prize
  • If a player is hurt or injured and is unable to play, you CAN NOT pick up a random player or call in a sub. Your team is your team for the day. This is one of the reasons why we allow you to have four players on a team. If a team is forced to play with two people on their team, if they so choose, they can play with two.
  • In the divisional round, each team will play 5 games.
  • The top two teams, with the best record from each division, will move on to a single elimination championship bracket.
  • Divisional round games will be won by the first team to score 8 points OR whoever is winning after 12 minutes of play. All baskets count for ONE POINT in these rounds
  • The are NO ‘Win by 2’ in the divisional round games. The first team to score 8 points straight or whoever has the high score at the end of the 12 minutes of play
  • A referee AND a game manager will be assigned to each court of play. Referees will be calling the action, possession and fouls of the game, while the game manager will be keeping track of score, fouls and time
  • The 1st possession at the start of each game will be determined by a coin flip
  • It is up to both teams to review with the referee where the out of bounds lines are within the court that they are playing on
  • After the ball is checked at the top of the key, 1 pass MUST be made before a team attempts to score
  • On a defensive rebound, the ball must be cleared anywhere beyond the three point line. Meaning the ball must CROSS the three point line anywhere on the court.
  • On courts with no three point line, balls are cleared at the baseline extended, free throw line extended, top of the key, etc.  
  • LOSERS check ball after EVERY made basket
  • There are 6 TEAM FOULS per game. Once the 7th TEAM FOUL is committed, every foul from there and going forward will results in TWO free throw opportunities


    • If Joe is fouled and goes to the free throw line on the 7th team foul, he shoots one free throw and makes it; that is one point.
    • If Joe makes the second free throw, that is another point. YOU HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO SCORE TWO POINTS ON FREE THROWS. The “loser” will then check ball
    • If Joe misses the first free throw, he will have an opportunity for a second free throw.
    • If Joe makes the first  free throw but misses the second, that is one point and the second free throw is a live ball
    • A team CAN WIN on a free throw


  • If an intentional foul is called (discretion of the referee), that will result in an AUTOMATIC FREE THROW OPPORTUNITY. There will be two free throws and regardless of whether that player makes or misses the second free throw, that team gets possession back
  • If there is a foul AND a basket made (AND1), the basket is good, and the player has ONE free throw opportunity. If the free throw is made, that is a point and the ball is then checked by the ‘loser’. If it is missed, it is a live ball
  • At the end of each game, the game manager will submit the completed game tracker form to the Head Game Manager to report the result / update the standings
  • The only time there is a stoppage in the game clock is on a free throw,  an injury or if a ball must be chased to keep play continuing
  • Holding the ball is NOT allowed. It is up to the referees’ discretion to issue a warning. If after that warning, a team is still deliberately wasting time, it will result IN A TURNOVER.
  • GAME MANAGERS  will provide an update on time when there is 1 minute remaining or less
  • If a game is TIED after the allotted 12-minute game time, it is’ Golden Basket’ OR ‘Next Basket Wins’ overtime. Meaning the first team to score on their possession in the overtime, wins. Possession is determined by coin flip
  • If there are three teams that have identical records, the two teams with the largest point differential will be the teams to move on from their respective divisions.  
  • Seedings for the championship bracket will be determined by divisional record and point differential
  • There will be TWO championship brackets. An ‘A’ bracket and a ‘B’ bracket. We will have two overall winners in this year’s tournament
  • The championship bracket rounds will be played on the main courts, single elimination with a 15-minute time limit. Teams with the best record and point differential will have a bye in the opening round. (Same rules as above will apply, except games will be played to 12 points straight, with 1 and 2 point baskets). There are NO win by two here either . If a game is tied at the end of 15 minutes, there will be an Overtime period. Possession is determined by a coin flip. This overtime is the first team to score 3 points or whoever is winning after 2-minutes of play.
  • Survive and advance until you are the last team standing in your respective bracket


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